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Submitted by: Douglas Miller

The vehicle that you have chosen to establish your Hundred-Fold-Life is a business on the Internet. That’s great!

Now your new business is up and running and you have a dynamite looking website. If your business is strictly online, it is imperative that you bring visitors to the site in order to make any sales. Whether you are selling products or services, you need visitors, just like traditional brick and mortar retailers need customer count to make any money, online retailers need visitors.

The difference is with traditional retailers people might see a sign as they drive down the street on which the business is located. With the Internet, there may be hundreds of thousands of similar businesses they accidentally pass while surfing the Internet. Being found accidentally can be exciting but will hardly be profitable and you will need to take steps to make sure enough people can find you to make keeping the business open worth your time and effort.

There are a couple of ways most internet businesses use to improve their chances of being found, including search engine marketing, article marketing and affiliate marketing. While any one method can offer a degree of success, online companies that combine two or more methods often have the most success. However, it all comes down to budget and the amount of sweat equity you have to invest in the business.

Search engine marketing is making sure the website is found and indexed by search engines so that when a user enters specific key words into the engine, your website appears close to the top of the rankings. Most of this effort is in how the website is constructed and how appealing it is to search engines. Minor mistakes, as well as changes in search engine algorithms can require changes in the website, but it helps websites be found during a search.

Article marketing is part of search engine marketing, but plays more towards attracting human visitors. The website owner writes informative articles about their products or services without being too sales-oriented, providing general information about their product line. They then offer these articles to other websites, free of charge, to help provide useful information to their visitors. A writer’s block, containing the website address is included in the article, and must remain part of the article when published for free.

When a visitor to the other site reads the article and, if they like what they have read, may be tempted to visit the website linked at the bottom of the article. With some of the distribution services, it is possible for the article to be distributed to thousands of other websites, giving the original site that much more potential to be found through means other than search engines.

Affiliate marketing is an agreement you make with other website owners to pay them a percentage of any sales generated by a referral from their website. You create the ads and the owner of the other site places it on their site. When one of their visitors clicks through to your site and makes a purchase, you pay an established commission. This is essentially advertising for free, paying only if you see results.

Building your online business along with your Hundred-Fold-Life may need a combination of strategies and I highly recommended it for the best results. There are many companies that will offer to bundle of those services. Shop around before you chose one. Remember that low price is not always the best deal.

About the Author: Douglas Miller is a retired Fire Service Captain now making a living working at home. His company Hundred-Fold-Life is not just a name but also a belief. To find the best home based business ideas and opportunities so you can work at home visit:


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