Clearing A Waste Pipe}

Clearing a waste pipe


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Quite a few of us have been guilty of unblocking drains with poison (sorry chemical solutions). There are not many ocassions when using chemicals are actually the safest course of action.

Here’s why… when they fail to unblock the blockage you are left with a nasty odour to deal with, and probably a hazardous liquid floating around in your sink or sommink.

Is there anything else we can do?

Nice of you to ask 🙂

A plunger is almost always a preferred option for unblocking drains. The up and down motion of a plunger breaks up the obstruction. Usually the blockage is cleared. You will have to ensure that the cup of the plunger is totally covered with water, and the overflow inlet is also covered – to prevent backflow of water.

It is a good idea to work from the outside when unblocking a waste pipe manually. When you reach the blocked part of the pipe, don’t forget to position a bucket or bowl below the end of the pipe, before trying to clear the blockage.

After you’ve managed to clear a drain, check for signs of wearing on the rings and replace them before reassembling the fittings. Don’t forget to check that all the seals are in the correct positions. Failure to take this precaution could lead to a leaking pipe. You certainly don’t want that to happen.

When a plunger fails to clear a blockage, try using a plumber’s snake otherwise known as spiral cleaner. Hardware stores normally have them in stock. Disconnect the blocked drain pipe from the trap, and feed the wire into the pipe. When the wire makes contact with the obstruction, rotate the spiral by twisting the handle of the snake.

Sometimes, it isn’t always possible to clear an obstruction from the sink end. You can try pushing a garden hose from outside up the drain pipe, in cases where the waste discharges into a gully. Sometimes, you’ll need to give the offending obstruction a little help to get it moving by turning on the tap.

When you are unable to remove a blocked waste pipe from either end, you can try taking the bottle trap apart. Place a receptacle beneath the trap before dismantling it, and put a plug in the sink’s plug-hole. Wash out the trap, and reassemble it after you shift the obstruction.

Apply a bit of heat to fat or coagulated oil, when it is the cause of a blocked drain pipe. The heat will melt the fat, and get things moving once more. A portable heater or hair dryer can be used warm the pipe. This treatment will usually cause the blockage to clear, and the waste should start moving again. Turn on the hot water tap for at least one minute. This will clear all remaining traces of fat or coagulated oil.

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Clearing a waste pipe


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