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By Adrianna Notton

The work of a mortgage agent is basically to sell mortgages for the banks that employ them. There are standard rules and regulations that have been set for these agents to ensure that they comply with all the banking and financial regulations, and they operate within legal boundaries. Most banks are now turning to mortgage agents due to increased competition in the sector.

The representatives have to work closely with the banks they represent so that there is a seamless flow of information from the bank to the client through the representative and vice versa. They are required to learn everything about the bank’s products that they sell since they will be expected to provide advice to clients on the same on behalf of the bank.

It is the duty of the mortgage representative to generate business for the bank, and this involves finding clients and convincing them to buy mortgages. The provider has to do some marketing on behalf of the bank, educate the potential client on the benefits of the products available, and follow them up until the deal is successfully completed.

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A good representative will undertake some research in order to learn the market trends so that they know the most appropriate products to offer different clients. The potential client must be furnished with accurate information on a product that best suits their needs so that they find it easy making a decision. The representative will therefore be expected to have assessed the client’s financial standing before fronting a suitable product.

All the documentation and procedures that are necessary before the transaction is concluded are handled by the representative. These documents may include pay slips, bank statements and identification documents like passports and driving licenses. The provider will also explain to the client all the legal requirements and any rules and regulations to be followed as part of the transaction.

The representatives are usually paid based on a commission system that depends on how many mortgages they manage to sell. As a result some of them can be very dishonest and unethical in their dealings, caring only about making their own money at the expense of the client. It is advisable to look at their track records and confirm their reputation in the business.

Before settling on a particular mortgage agent, it is good to keep in mind the costs involved. One should compare the commission rates of different representatives in order to pick out an affordable one. Some agents will charge a client exorbitant fees when they realize that the client is not really keen on these small but important details.

A good mortgage agent should be able to help one find a good deal and complete all the transactions satisfactorily. If anyone feels dissatisfied or wronged by the conduct of the representative at any stage during the transaction, they can always report them to the relevant authorities or sue them for damages. Mortgages are very crucial investments that must be handled with utmost professionalism and courtesy.

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