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Submitted by: Arnab Roy Choudhury

Sweating in excess, a regular problem in a lot of men, can cause unpleasant situations and may even take a toll on your emotional health. Lets try and figure out a few ways as to how to stop sweating. Yes, all ye men folks, football field sweating might be sexy, but on a romantic dinner with your girl, not so much. Women might find you unattractive, nervous and well, a little gross. A few changes here and there and you might just be able to avoid those embarrassing pit stains and awkward situations.

Firstly, a few lifestyle changes and tips on how to reduce your perspiration levels:

1. Try wearing light clothing, preferably cotton.

2. Avoid drinking too much coffee, or spicy food. Avoid that caffeine rush and that spicy burrito and make your body happy.

3. Invest in a good body spray. With a plethora of male grooming products available in the market, this shouldnt be a problem. Even a roll-on anti-perspirant, re-applied during the afternoon is a good option.

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4. Go for a clinical strength body spray. These have more active ingredients than the rest, and you can just pick up one at the local chemists.

5. Besides a workout, your stress levels can also cause your sweat glands to go haywire. Try deep-breathing, yoga and meditation to reduce anxiety levels.

6. If male grooming products or even medication dont help your sweat glands, maybe you should consider surgical options, like Botox injections, but only if the how to stop sweating agony is extreme.

How to stop sweating at night

Secondly, another common perspiration related problem, which a lot of men complain about is Why do I sweat so much in my sleep?. Yes, waking up drenched in a pool of sweat is probably a terribly uncomfortable thing to deal with, especially if it is an everyday affair.

Ask yourself if the sleeping environment is the culprit. Often, humidity, tight clothing, your favourite blanket, among other things, can cause this kind of discomfort. You might also be unhealthy. If you are fatigued, or you have a fever, consider visiting the doctor once, as the root cause of your night sweats might be something more serious. Calm environment, a cool atmosphere and a relaxed body and mind will help you sleep better and reduce your sweating.

Though a glass of alcohol may soothe your ruffled nerves, studies show that more people who drink before sleeping suffer from night sweats. A tumbler of red wine or a peg of whiskey might be your stress-buster, but dont make it a habit. Alcohol before sleeping also causes headaches.

Though there are quite a few prescription drugs, which may help with night sweats, natural solutions often work wonders.

Try eliminating nervousness and general anxiety from your daily life. Herbal concoctions, like sage tea also help calm your nervous and circulatory systems, thus reducing excessive perspiration.

Minor lifestyle changes, combined with body sprays and male grooming products can help you solve this problem easily!

Men, are you listening?

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