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Know Your Punk Drums Better


Victor Epand

Drums are one of the most popular of musical instruments. Drummers all over the world have been making the effort to create a drum set that would truly suit the appetite of music lovers all over the world. One of the primary characteristics of a drum is that it can produce indefinite low and high-pitched sounds constantly.

Punk rock was based on anti-establishment rock music genre in the mid 70s, had the punk drums in their arsenal. The punk drummers made a name for them with playing with the shorter version of the rock. The right punk drum kit gear depends on features like playing style, personal penchant, monetary funds, and moving options of the drummer. The hardware part was constituted by the cymbals and tom-tom stands and was considered an integrated part of the base drum kit. Drums and cymbals are considered the breakable part of the collection as it goes through rigorous wear and tear.

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One or two electric guitars, an electric bass, a drum kit, the vocals constitute the distinctive punk rock instrumentation. During the mid 1970s people who did not have too much ability in music tried to express themselves through the new form of rock music. The anti institutional based drumming was quick to catch the attention of the public.

Punk drummers like to change their tuning with particular music intervals. This makes the distance between the tuned notes of one drum with the other consistent. As it is not based on any chromatic notes so the punk drummers can have any start point with the punk drums. Although there are many tuning opinions, the bulk of them revolve around the major chords. In addition, the time factor for the whole music length was shorter than the regular rock so the start with the punk drums was fast.

A drum key or a similar kind of device is used to tune the drum set. The tension of a drumhead is changed to tune it. The difference in tuning between same elements of a drum kit and other percussion element is quite significant. Punk drums are no different.

The punk drummer needs to have a detailed knowledge on the drum kit. The collection, which would increase with time, needs to be setup properly so that it does not get broken down in time of performance. Elements like hoops, lugs, and tension rods do have a key role to play in sounding the drum music audible and sweet to the ear. Lugs are metallic pieces that are attached to the side of the drum.

Alternating with the hi-hat cymbals will help you keep the speed but make sure you are not changing the beats. You can create interesting fills with fast music. Listening to good drummers will help you in building your own creative ways. One of the chief ingredients of the punk music is energy, so beating the punk drums with vigor would help in being attuned with the speed of the music.

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Know Your Punk Drums Better